Singing competitions – Should aspiring singers enter?

Why not? Here's how to prepare before and what to do during and after the competition
November 6 2020     by Veera Vento
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As we know many of the world's biggest musicians have came into the public eye from talent shows or singing competitions. For instance, artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, Adam Lambert… the list is endless. Today, I will open up my personal experiences when I took part in one of the biggest singing competitions in Finland  'The Voice of Finland' and provide tips if you are considering entering a talent show or singing competition.  


From a little girl I remember watching all kind of talents shows and singing competitions in our living room. At that time the most popular show was 'Idols' and I remember being amazed by all the talented people and wishing to be one of them one day. Fun fact, during the commercial break I took advantage of the time and I auditioned for my parents. And believe me, I have plenty of evidence in the form of home videos!  


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About two years ago, I sang to the swivel chairs in the blind auditions of 'The Voice of Finland'. I was performing in the last set, so I had to stay focused throughout the whole day. Finally, the moment to perform on stage came, it was my turn! My heart was pounding, and then I heard the song countdown though my ear monitors. Everything happened very fast, and suddenly, the performance ended, and I made it through!


After that it was amazing six months. I made it into the top 16 singers and got to sing in the live shows. This experience taught me a lot. I got an opportunity to get to know amazing professionals in the music and media field, I saw what is was like to produce a TV show and most importantly learnt a lot about myself as an artist.  Based on my experience, I would recommend applying for talents shows and singing competitions. 


You can watch my Knockout -performance in the video below:




Here are some concrete tips of what you should do before, during and after the competition:




  • Practice well beforehand! For instance, try recording yourself with a camera. This will help you spot some bothering manners or -on the contrary- add something more into your performance. Then you can feel more confident while performing.

  • Before the competition, think about what kind of artist you are or would like to be. As the contest progresses, it’s good to be aware of this, as it can help you with song selection and artist identity creation.

  • Remember there can be differences between tv formats in various countries. If you are considering applying to a talent show, I would advise seeking a bit of information beforehand and ask for some experiences from others. However, don’t hesitate too long!   



  • Despite the possible stress and tension remember to enjoy every moment! Get to know your fellow singers, learn from other professionals and believe in yourself. 

  • Be active in social media! This way you will be able to reach out to your listeners, find potential companies to work with, and opportunities to book gigs. 



  • Keep your contacts aliveAfter getting to know people from your industry it is easier to start working together on creating music or other creative projects.

  • Don’t be disappointed if you haven't progressed far enough in the competitionKeep working towards your dreams because eventually, the work will pay off 


Veera Vento
Veera Vento
Veera is completing her final year at the Bachelor of International Business Programme. Her studies and also ongoing work tasks are strongly focused on marketing and content creation. She also has a background in the music business as a singer and she is currently writing her own songs.