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 New Era of   Artist Development. 

Learn to Master Your Artist Career via Our Digital Platform & Personal Coaching. 

The First Global Artist Development Platform.

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"Artist development takes the talent from dream to stardom. Artist developer is a personal coach and mentor on your artist career."




The future of artist career development is here.

Learn to Master The Music Industry.

The music business is full of rules of law that you should learn to be able to progress as an artist.

As a Family in Music member, you have access to vast video coaching content, digital tools and other material that will guide you through all of the industry traits. You develop self-knowledge, your artist product, and your music industry know-how. Next time you meet industry pros, decision-makers, and media your guns will be fully loaded. 

Develop Your Artist Product.

Raise the bar and start thinking like a pro artist.

Becoming a successful artist always requires goal-oriented development of the artist product. Family in Music is here to support and oversee your artistic development. With our digital tools and industry professionals' help you will form a vision of your artist career and get support in creating and following your career plan. Family in Music is the modern age A&R service for developing artists.

Release Your Music.

We distribute your music to all relevant digital music stores and streaming platforms. 

When you are a Family in Music label artist, you are instantly part of the music business ecosystem. We are a music distributor and a record label of rising artists. We will offer the most promising Family in Music Artists a deal with marketing, promotion, A&R routine, funding and music rights management. As a Family in Music Artist it's really up to you how far you go.

Why Join? Music Industry Has Changed.

Major labels don't invest in artist development like they used to.

You are responsible for being market-ready since the first release.

In the digital age anyone can be a music producer.

Music doesn't reach radio-ready level due to lack of A&R and quality control.

Breaking through is harder than ever.

Getting attention is tough because the amount of artists & music has bloated.

You don't need a major label deal to succeed.

You have the tools to start growing your fanbase and get your music distributed.