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 A Plan for Every Need. 

Pick a Plan That Best Fits Your Needs on Your Journey from Dream to Stardom.


Perfect for trying out the service before buying


per month

Family in Music account

Limited Free Content

Music Distribution (commission)


Perfect for starting your career in baby steps


per month

Music Business Video Course

Digital Artist Development Tools

Free Music Distribution


Perfect for developing your artist product


per month

Artist Career Analysis

1 A&R Song Feedback

Music Production Plan

Artist Development Plan


For the artists who give 100% to their career


per month

Brand & Go-to-market Plan

Quarterly 1-on-1 Career Analysis

Quarterly 1-on-1 Song Feedback

Quarterly 1-on-1 A&R Meeting

Yearly subscriptions payed monthly. Payments via credit/debit card or PayPal. 30-day money-back guarantee. SERVICE WILL OPEN SOON! In the meanwhile, subscribe to our newsletter!

Note! If you are a band, please choose a plan and use one account. 


Rookie plan will make you more familiar with the industry and also includes music distribution if you decide to start releasing music. Thorough video coaching and digital A&R tools will help start shaping your artist product.



Your artist product is already shaping, and you have songs to release. The indie plan will help you take your music and artist brand to the next level. This time you want to release a more advanced product and get new kind of results.



You might already have a few feathers in your cap like solid fanbase, a few releases and a history of several live performances. But you are struggling with making progress. You might need a major plan. And concrete song feedback as well as help with artist branding from industry pros.



We understand that investing money in your career is a big thing. That's why you can take a look at our service before subscription.