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Modern music business professionals face an ever-changing landscape and rapid push to reinvent the industry. Revenue logics are changing through digitalization and streaming, and traditional record labels as a business are a thing of the past. The range of new digital tools and services is vast and confusing. Whether you are a music business professional or a label owner, we make things simple by connecting you to the right people, the right tools, the right distribution channels as well as business opportunities. Run your music business, all in one platform.




Get connected. Create a professional profile and showcase your expertise. Discover new industry connections and scout emerging talents. Find the best partners to make your mark in the evolving music business.
Be in the know. Get the latest insights on how to successfully plan, execute and distribute music releases and utilize tried and tested marketing strategies to get the maximum gain. Use our easy to understand tools and templates for back-office work and legal contracts. Keep your skills fresh through video courses, webinars and one-on-one mentoring.
Release with confidence. Monetize music globally through one of the world’s most well equipped and modern distribution platforms. Get your music to over 100 stores and all major streaming services, including social platforms, and split royalties automatically.
Keep your eye on the growth. Stay on top of your streams, sales and social media growth. Get cross-platform insights on where fans are listening to your music and learn how much you're earning with every listen.
Financial Services
Get paid faster. Finance your music business by applying for royalty advances on future streaming opportunities. We help businesses by analyzing streaming data to calculate and pay out upcoming earnings.
Talent Scouting
Discover the next big thing. Our community is built on a pool of fresh talents. Labels and A&R teams follow our platform to discover, sign and build rising artists. Work with passionate creators, offer your services and be part of success stories of tomorrow.
Commercial Opportunities
Maximize your gain. Participate in commercial opportunities and brand partnerships through advertisements, content creation, and other promotions that can earn money and bring new fans.

Build Your Label

Are you a label looking to build an empire? The key to success is promotion, and for that, you need exposure and skills in digital marketing. Your artists rely on your networks and marketing power, so make sure to be strategic to get the best results. As a member of Family in Music, you get access to strategies created by industry professionals as well as tools and templates to get the job done right  


Accelerate Your Distribution

Are you a seasoned label owner frustrated by the limitations of your current distribution solution? Are you looking to get faster releases, better insights on your future sales, and automatically share royalty splits with artists? Our modern distribution service makes releasing fast and managing royalties easier than before. Keep the team happy, save time on complicated back-office work, and run everything through one app. You get to on concentrate on what's important – music.  


Get Hired

Are you a Booking Agent, Producer, or Session Musician for hire? Are you looking to expand your reach and find new collaborations? Get access to a diverse network of industry professionals and a pool of talented artists and creators. Help upcoming artists build their careers, and be part of teams creating tomorrow's hits.  

Family with a Mission

Creating Success

The rise of DIY artists is shaping the future of music industry. Through streaming, digital distribution and bedroom studios, a new generation of creators is taking control of its music careers and shaping the industry – on its own terms. As the revenue logics are changing, new opportunities arise. That is why we created Family in Music, to enable artists and music professionals to create success together in new ways. Our diverse team of musicians and music business professionals is passionate about solving problems and creating opportunities, on a global scale. We provide all the necessary tools, and all the right connections - all in one platform.


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Ready to boost your music business? Family in Music is a platform that comes with the right connections and the right tools to develop your business and distribute your music. Level up your music game, now.