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Get connected with the right people and right tools to take your career in music to the next level


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Business Tools
A curated set of success tools for music business professionals
Financial Services
Apply for royalty advances of streaming that is yet to happen
Talent Scouting
Rich profiles and networking features make a great talent scouting platform
Commercial Opportunities
Commercial opportunities and brand partnerships for DIY artists and independent professionals

How It Works

Turn heads with your profile

Start your journey in the family by creating a profile that shows your talent. Tell us about yourself and what you need in order to move forward in your career. Add photos, videos and music. The first impression counts.

How It Works

Go Live

Publish your profile and discover industry connections. Spark conversations. Find the missing links between you and your goals. Share your talent and your content. Start existing to the right people and build a network of music pros.

How It Works

Develop with Team and Tools

Take your music business talent to new heights. Create winning assets with the right team and the right tools. Binge our video courses, analyze your audience and create breakthrough strategies. All in one platform.



DIY artists are the fastest-growing revenue sector in the music industry. Bedroom productions and artists are snaffling Grammys and platinum selling major label stars turn DIY in search for more control over their art, rights and income. It’s a great time to thrive success whether you are DIY artist, producer or label. Level up your brand and music with Family in Music. 



Modern music business professionals are facing a constantly evolving business landscape and a need to reinvent the business. There is a plethora of new digital tools and practices for back office work, networking, A&R, marketing, promotion and distribution but it gets confusing with the abundance. We connect you with the people and the tools.


For Artists by Artists

The team behind Family in Music consists of artists, songwriters, musicians, music producers, marketeers, label owners and former major label employees. We exist because we want to offer a service that we wish we would have had ourselves on our journeys in music. Each of us still continues to work towards thriving as creators and artists. If you are interested in joining our team of musicians, read more under Company! 

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