Welcome to The Family!

We are the team behind Family in Music - the platform to discover the right people and right tools to succeed in one of the most challenging of businesses: the music business.

A Family with a Mission

How it all started

The idea of Family in Music was planted when CEO & Founder Juka Hynynen worked as an A&R Manager for EMI Finland in 2012. Background in music teaching and independent record label business gave Juka an eye-opening vision of digital music business. After years in EMI Juka set up Jiffel Music Group studio and label service and created “Career Path in Music” (Musiikin urapolku) online course helping DIY-artists develop their music careers. Now as the CEO and founder of Family in Music Juka is building a platform with a diverse, talented team to solve the problems of other passionate music people on a global scale. Our mission is to recreate music business ecosystem to answer the needs of today´s DIY artists, the strong and emerging trend among creators worldwide. We welcome you to write the next hit for music business with us!


Our Team


Juka Hynynen

CEO, Founder

+358 50 302 7007

Juka has been in the music industry for 20 years. First, as an artist, a songwriter, and a producer. Soon, he founded a production company with a studio, a record label and a publishing company and also worked several years in EMI Music Finland as an A&R Manager. In 2016 he started to plan and build next generation’s digital music company - Family in Music.


Hannu Nissinen

Chief Operating Officer

+358 40 721 3912

Hannu has 16 years of background as a Founder and CEO in two success stories; media and marketing company Hakemistomediat, and digital healthcare company Klinik Healthcare Solutions. Being an innovative business-mind, Hannu has made the latter one into a widely used Primary Care solution in Finland and scaled it in several other markets as well.


Juha Hynynen

Chief Financial Officer

+358 40 500 1046

Juha has 30+ years of experience in CFO & COO roles in internationally operating small, medium, and large companies. His industry experience spans from ICT & mobile technologies to online services and gaming. In FAIM his responsibilities cover topics in finance, accounting, administration, projects, overall operations, and coordination of growth.


Erkka Pynnönen


+358 40 358 7345

Responsible for technology and product development, Erkka has been working for 16 years at the top of the technology and digitalization businesses. With his strong technology background Erkka has previously been serving as the unit head with e.g. the Grano and Barona Groups in their major digital development projects.


Petri Matero

Chief Commercial Officer

+358 44 373 7376

With 20+ years in advertising, marketing and sales gives Petri hands on tools and knowledge to develop Family in Music -service platform and most of all – community. His role in Family in Music is to create winning commercial and marketing strategies, and bring artists, music professionals and brands – and also investors - together.


Timo Makela

Chief Marketing Officer

+358 40 760 1303

Timo’s 14+ years of work background has to do with creativity, branding, data-driven digital marketing and leadership. His industry experience involves ICT, resourcing and mobile technology. He has done brand development, copywriting, design, cx, lean projects, recruitment, business development and managerial work. He joined FAIM first in 2018.


Otto Oikari

Software Developer

Otto has 7+ years of experience under his belt. His gone from a freelancer to larger consultancy companies working with a large palette of technologies. After working on a variety of business fields and tech stacks, he decided to join FAIM and work on a field of passion. Otto’s area of responsibility is developing the product code and infrastructure.


Jaakko Innanen

Digital Sales Manager

Jaakko has a digital marketing and sales background. He’s been working in marketing agencies and also in various in-house marketing teams. In the Family in Music team, he takes care of content marketing strategy and activities. His personal goal is to create such a good content that our followers can truly become our fans. Nothing less is enough for him.


Päivi Kankaro

Content Operations Specialist

Päivi is a content creator and online producer with 13+ years of expertise. She has developed digital content marketing strategies and communities both online and offline. For eight years she has been working in New York City helping to build start-up companies from the ground up. Now she’s creating outstanding content for the FAIM community.


Felipe Gasnier

Visual Designer

Felipe started his independent punk music label in Brazil when he was 16 years old. Since then he’s developed 3 more companies: an online store, a books publishing company, and a merchandise management company for major labels like Warner and EMI. He joined the Family in Music team to work with his passion: design and graphic motion.


Anttu Koistinen

Marketing Specialist

I have a background in marketing as a photographer, videographer and marketing manager. I have also worked internationally as a musician for over 10 years. My instrument is the electric version of kantele (the national instrument of Finland), designed for pop/rock music, developed by my family business. My main tasks in FAIM include marketing concepts and visual content production, such as video production and photography.


Sini Järvinen

Marketing & Comms Coordinator

Sini’s background is in various companies within b2b sales, content marketing, advertising agency coordinating and music business. Her role at Family in Music belongs to the PR & Communications team, where she is responsible for keeping the ducks in a row mainly concerning communication between different stakeholders.


Veera Vento

Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Veera is currently completing her final year in Bachelor of International Business Program. Her studies and also ongoing work tasks are strongly focused on marketing and content production. She also owns background in the music business as a singer, so starting to work with the Family in Music team was naturally very essential and interesting to Veera.


Katariina Välkki

MCN Coordinator

I have a strong and multifaceted background in sales and marketing. Previously I have worked with the leading Nordic MCN and managed some of the most successful social media influencers in Finland. I love creating innovative brand strategies, discovering new talents and to help them build their careers in the rapidly changing multi-channel environment.


Ari Kaukiainen

Label Services Coordinator

Ari is a sales professional with 5+ years of entrepreneurial background in tech startups and music: 4 years in B2B sales and 1 year of managing a sales team in an EdTech startup. He is a founder of a musical association and a modern artist development startup. At FAIM, his responsibilities lie around music distribution and B2B relations.


Ville Riippa

Audio Designer

Ville has been working professionally in the music business for 20+ years in a multitude of roles. He is a an audio engineer, a songwriter, a record producer of some of Finland’s most successful records, a multi-instrumentalist musician and an artist developer. Ville’s role as part of the Family in Music Team is centred around development of audio content.


Elina Hynynen

People Operations

Elina has worked in people operations for seven years. Her strengths include listening, guiding, discussing with, and coaching people. Her motto is that self-knowledge is one of the strongest professional quality factors! She develops FAIM’s community of people by the thumb rule that well shared equals wisely managed.

Jenna Uusimäki

Jenna Uusimäki

Head of International Communications

Jenna has over 20 years of versatile experience in advertising and media. Having worked at CNBC in London for over a decade, she has developed and produced numerous award-winning global 360° campaigns for FTSE 500 brands, and has a passion for technology, trends, entrepreneurship and creating meaningful connections. At Family in Music, Jenna will be part of building the strategy and partnerships to bring the brand's international success story to life. As a child raised on MTV, she could not be more excited.

Advisory Board


Gugi Kokljuschkin

Music Business Advisor

Gugi is the acknowledged Mr. Music Business in Finland. He worked for over 30 years as a label CEO and Chairman with Universal Music Finland, Polygram and Sonet. He was the Chairman of IFPI Finland for 18 years, and has vast experience in music publishing, too. In 2012 Gugi was awarded the honorary title as a Music Counselor by the President of Finland.


Peter Vesterbacka

Brand Advisor

Peter is an entrepreneur. He is also known as the former ‘Mighty Eagle’ of Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds. He is the founder of Slush, Mobile Monday and other branded communities. In 2011 Time Magazine named Peter one of the 100 most influential people on the planet. With his track record, Peter is an invaluable asset to the advisory board.


Katri Sipilä

Strategy & IPR Advisor

Katri has a strong legal and IPR background as a Strategy and IPR Consultant and professional board member. She has served in many IPR and copyright related national steering groups and at the moment is a member of IPR Strategy Steering Group of Finland. She worked earlier as a CEO of the Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society, Teosto.


Markus Kallio

Tech Advisor

Markus is the Co-Founder & former CTO of Idean - one of the best tech design companies in the world. As a musician and music-tech enthusiastic, Markus immediately saw FAIM’s potential. Connecting the dots between individuals and music industry players is what the domain needs. Markus brings 25+ years’ experience of world-class digital service design to the team.


Markus Myhrberg

Legal Advisor

Markus is a partner at Lexia Attorneys. His core expertise is on IP, technology, data protection, marketing, licensing, commercial contracts, company law and investment rounds. Markus’s solid experience in startups and growth companies helps FAIM with compliance matters and successful licensing strategies.