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In addition to having a career in marketing and technology startups, I produce music, write songs and play the guitar. Last five years I've also started taking my music production skills to the next level as well as learned mixing and mastering. I produce and write songs with different artists. My band SAKIA has released several pop-rock songs in streaming platforms. My band duties include writing songwriting and fiddling with the six strings. I started working for Family in Music late 2018 and I love to be part of a team creating something that helps people succeed in the music business.

Timo Makela - CMO

As a rare exception in the Family in Music team I do not play any musical instruments nor sing publicly. However, I do listen to all kinds of genres of music fluently, and may be regarded as the team’s R&B and AOR guy. I was invited by the founder Jukka to join the company in the very beginning of its history as Jukka thought my experience in similar endeavors would be useful. I’ve enjoyed my time in the growing team very much as it is a highly talented and friendly blend of people with different ages and backgrounds, all geared to jointly introduce an innovative solution bound to reshape the way the music industry operates.

Juha Hynynen - CFO

I´m deep in the music as an artist and marketer. I´m releasing music with artist names Matero and Petri Matero Group, first being finnish rock, latter rockblues and soul in English. I´m also founder of the biggest music fair in the Nordics – Helsinki Tonefest and one of the owners in guitar company Arvo Guitars. I have a hopeless case of GAS for vintage electric guitars.

Petri Matero - CCO

I’ve been doing music and been playing in bands my whole life. Music has always been the big thing in my life and probably will be forever. I ended up to the Family in Music team through music related stuff. I studied one online course provided by Jiffel and got to know our CEO Juka. We started co-operation together and after few months I found myself as an employee here in Family in Music. The best thing in Family in Music team is our crew and the fact that we all love music and it brings us together. I also love our product and I believe we will be able to help many emerging artists and songwriters to succeed in their career. Helping other like-minded people is the best thing I know 😊

Jaakko Innanen - Digital Sales Manager

As a child, I always sang. I can still remember dozens of lyrics by heart. I have studied classical guitar for eight years and have sung in a choir and various groups. Music is my power! I have been part of the music business for 20 years by being married to Family in Music founder Juka. This is going to be an awesome journey of building a great team and making miracles with great people.

Elina Hynynen - People Operations

I started as a DIY artist, songwriter, and producer as a teenager in the small city of Kajaani in Northern Finland without bandmates. The ambition for music led me to study music (drumming teacher) and play drums in some DIY bands. In 2001, I founded my own production company Jiffel Production and a small studio. After producing numerous albums for client labels I founded my own record label and a publishing company, Jiffel Music in 2006. One of my dreams came true after I built a high-end studio Jiffel Studios in 2008, in Espoo. Named Jiffel Music Group, the business from that point on was basically a 360° music company. That was before I joined EMI Music Finland as an A&R Manager. My time in Major label was the school preparing me for the international music business and I realized the world is digitalizing very fast. I found myself planning The New Era of Music Business - Family in Music. Now, as a CEO of Family in Music, I am leading the team of talents to build the best music service for the independent music industry. As an independent solo artist JuKa, I want to join Family in Music as an artist too - and as an experienced music pro I want to use the best service for my needs.

Juka Hynynen - CEO, Founder

I'm a mixed media artist. You can see me doing experimental music, videos, and arts in my free time. I started my independent punk music label when I was 16 years old. Since then I've developed 3 more companies: an online store, a publishing books, and merchandise management for majors labels like Warner and EMI. I later moved to Finland and joined the Family in Music team to work with design and graphic motion. Both of which are my passion.

Felipe Gasnier - Visual Designer

I have been working with music industry as a record producer, musician and artist development. I have done music professionally for 20 years.

Ville Riippa - Audio Designer

Music has played a leading role in a lot of moves I have made in my life and it has resulted me being here at Family in Music. What makes it special to me is the fact that all of us are passionate about music and we get to channel the devotion into the everyday work. Combining music and marketing / comms is a long-term dream of mine and I stumbled across Family in Music by an unusual manner that I am glad to share over a glass of wine! Let’s just say that the story involves the following themes in a random order; Corona, Melbourne and courage. I have a varying background in music both in the promotional side as well as a performing artist singing tunes in the radio and advertisement campaigns. My professional background also includes working in advertising agencies and in b2b sales.

Sini Järvinen - Project Manager

”Several years in the Founder and CEO role in different domains has taught what it requires to build successful businesses and winning strategies. It´s all about being critical to everything you do; producing a product which helps significantly in something important or makes a big change to something we´ve used to do in a traditional way. Family in Music has both factors, and that was a thing that caught my attention. The music industry and market are changing rapidly and Family in music is part of that change, globally. I´ve been a guitar enthusiast for my whole life and I´ve been playing in several bands during the years. I´m excited to be a part of this amazing team and company.

Hannu Nissinen - COO

My core value in life is to help other people. I want to do that kind of work where I can fulfil that value and be able to make a real difference. During the past years I have been fulfilling that goal by music playing, photography and making people’s stories come to life through filmmaking. Now I have found a way to combine all of these three in a meaningful way through my work in FAIM. My music gig background is international so it’s exciting to get to know new musicians all around the world through the FAIM network. I also love to do creative brainstorming and concepting, which is also essential part of my work in FAIM. If you want to challenge yourself to your full creative potential, I can warmly recommend you to send us an open application!

Anttu Koistinen - Marketing Specialist

Jenna has over 20 years of versatile experience in advertising and media. Having worked at CNBC in London for over a decade, she has developed and produced numerous award-winning global 360° campaigns for FTSE 500 brands, and has a passion for technology, trends, entrepreneurship and creating meaningful connections. At Family in Music, Jenna will be part of building the strategy and partnerships to bring the brand's international success story to life. As a child raised on MTV, she could not be more excited.

Jenna Uusimäki - Head of International Communications

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