Harness the Power of Music to Engage Hearts and Minds

Modern brands need to constantly be faster, smarter and more creative to stay on top of mind in the attention economy. Music and new, exciting artists offer an ideal vehicle to attract and engage the right audiences everyone is trying to reach on a deeper level. Whether it is TikTok, YouTube or Instagram, music has the power to build communities, enhance experiences and create meaningful memories.

Talent Scouting
Be the among the first to discover the next big thing. Our community brings together fresh talent and creative minds who all share a passion for music. Labels and A&R teams follow our platform to discover, sign and build rising artists and to stay on top of their trends. Connect with an international network of driven creators, offer your services and be part of creating the super stars of tomorrow
Commercial Opportunities
Our ever-growing family is fueled by creativity and staying on top of their game. Building meaningful partnerships among our community allows you to level up your brand game by creating relevant content that stands out and cuts through the clutter among the most elusive of audiences.
Fresh Concepts
Our dedicated commercial team is equipped with a range of experience to create the perfect concepts from wild and fresh to ‘we haven’t thought of it yet’ crazy when it comes connecting modern brands with DIY artists, creative pioneers and new music fans. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or are open for some wilder suggestions, we are here for you.

Start Your Own Label?

Some leading brands have taken music as their go-to medium and started their own labels, studios and other creator spaces. Interested? Just drop us a message and we´ll introduce you to our curated idea-machine.

We are looking for interested and interesting brands to showcase our commercial services. Just hit us up and you and your brand might get in for our beta.



Petri Matero
Chief Commercial Officer
+358 44 373 7376