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Every great artist was once unknown. It all starts with a passion for music and dedication to bringing your vision to life. Talented people make success look easy, but behind every success, there's been multiple trials and errors - unsuccessful demos, hundreds of unanswered messages, and unopened doors. Success in the music business can be hard, but don’t think you have to make it on your own.  That's why we created Family in Music, so you can have a platform to grow your talent, and a community to support you all the way. 

Get connected. Create a profile and showcase your talents. Get discovered by the right people and find the best team to help you reach your full potential. Spark conversation with like-minded creatives and get your music heard.
Be in the know. Understand the principles of music business and use our self-analyzing tools for artist development. Learn how to successfully plan, execute and distribute your releases and utilize tried and tested marketing strategies to get the maximum gain. Keep developing your artistic and songwriting skills through video courses, webinars and one-on-one mentoring.
Release with confidence. Monetize your music globally through one of the world’s most well equipped and modern distribution platforms. Get your music out to over 100 stores and all major streaming services, including social platforms. Split royalties automatically with your team.
Keep your eye on the growth. Stay on top of your streams, sales and social media growth. Get cross-platform insights on where fans are listening to your music and learn how much you're earning with every listen.
Financial Services
Get paid faster. Finance your music career through royalty advances on future streaming opportunities. We are advancing DIY artists’ careers by analyzing streaming data to calculate and pay out upcoming earnings.
Talent Scouting
Get discovered. Global labels and A&R teams follow our community to discover, sign and build rising talent. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with professionals in marketing, financing, branding, and PR while keeping control of your art.
Commercial Opportunities
Maximize your gain. We collaborate with brands and companies to bring unique marketing opportunities for artists. Get exposure through advertisements, content partnerships, and other promotions that can earn money and bring new fans to your music.

From Dreamer to Doer

Are you passionate about making music and dreaming to make it into a career? Are you playing with melodies in your head and recording your first song? Take a big step towards music stardom at Family in Music. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about getting started with music business — for real. Discover what kind of artist you are, learn how the music industry works, and get feedback on your songs. Connect with other like-minded artists and get your music heard by the right people.  


From Collab to a Killer Hit

Are you an artist looking to collaborate with fellow artists? Magic happens when creatives come together to make art. Find the lead singer for your hit or work with other songwriters to come up with the best hook. Look for industry professionals to help finalize your sound, and when you're ready to drop your track, split royalties automatically with your team. 


From Home Studio to Live Stages

Is your band ready to take over the world? Get your music published and distributed in less than a week. We’ll get your music out to over 100 stores and all major streaming services, including social media. Gain access to powerful analytics tools and learn how to successfully plan, execute, and distribute your releases. Use our easy to follow guides for marketing strategies and make sense of legal terms when signing contracts and doing tours. Start growing your fan base and when you’re ready, get royalty advances to start working on your future releases.

A Family with a Mission

Empowering DIY Artists

DIY artists are shaping the future of music industry. Through streaming, digital distribution and bedroom studios, a new generation of creators is taking control of its music careers and shaping the industry – on its own terms. That is why we created Family in Music, to empower you to take control of your art by providing you the right tools and the right connections to succeed, all in one platform. As a new industry alternative, our mission is to enable artists and music professionals to create success together in new ways. Our diverse team of musicians and music business professionals is passionate about solving problems for DIY artists, on a global scale. Get ready to level up your music game!


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Ready to level up your music career? Family in Music is an all-in-one platform that comes with the right connections and the right tools to develop your career and distribute your music. Take your music game to the next level, now.