FAIM Survey: Networking Is The No 1 Priority For Creators In 2020

Networking is a mega trend amongst professionals, especially if you’re looking for a job. Here, let us tell you that the same story is very much alive and kicking in music business, too. Furthermore, in a locked down world, the urge to be connected has never been greater, or more physically impossible.
September 10 2020     by Sini Järvinen
Networking in music business
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If you want to know what music people are
struggling with, ask them. Right? That’s exactly what we did. We conducted two separate surveys regarding what type of help a DIY creator needs in 2020. Although there were many possible answers, independent song writers, artists, musicians, producers and mixers all highlighted networking to be the one thing that they would appreciate having help with the most. It’s safe to say that networking made its inevitable necessity heard, loud and clear. The two separate graphs featuring the text are based on two different surveys we conducted in early 2020.  


What do you think is the most important service emerging artists could benefit from?

Networking is the number one service for creators

When you think about it, it totally makes sense why people working in the music industry value connections. Networking helps you
to identify and learn new skills, keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends in the music scene and discover collaboration opportunities, mentors, partners and clients. 


A successful artist oftentimes works with even a bigger pool of specialists that include labels, bloggers and vloggers, journalists, PR connections, brands, booking agents, photographers, stylists, venues… You get the picture. This way everyone can engage in their own expertise also within music; not everyone needs to be able to compose, if you’re a great instrumentalist. 


Which of the following features would you need?

Networking is the nro 1 feature for creators in 2020

For an artist an
embodiment and also an example of the importance of networking is the fact that for years the number of artist collaborations has increased, no matter what their genre isCollaboration not only broadens the audience of the music, but also extends the length of the success, for an example via remix’ses or new song versions made in collab.


What makes the concept of collaboration even sweeter, is that a mutual goal and a shared deadline with a fellow musician helps you focus on the goal and getting the work done.


Being connected is in no way the only thing that accelerates the career of an emerging artist but it is a great place to start. Networking takes time and patience and it provides a way to improve your overall social intelligence – something that will benefit you wherever you go.


Networking and collaborating are a fun way to keep learning, whether the outcome is successful or not.


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Sini Järvinen
Sini Järvinen
Sini’s background is within b2b sales, advertising agency and music business coordinating, content marketing and content itself. She has sung live for over a million people, so she knows one or two things about music, too.