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 What The   Fudge Is Artist   Development? 


Short answer

Learn Cool Stuff.

Make Progress.

Release Music.


Music Business.

Teaches you how music industry works

Helps you understand agreements

Helps you find a business model


Artist Identity.

Helps you find your strengths and weaknesses

How to productise your artist identity

Helps you start thinking yourself as a brand


Music Production.

Helps you find the right music producer

Helps you find a budget for music production 

Helps you create a music production plan


Visual Identity.

Matches your visual identity with your music

Supports in finding an authentic artist image

Helps you identify your promotion needs



Helps you find your audience

Helps you with marketing plans

Helps you find the right timing



Helps you get advances 

Helps you find new financing opportunities

Gives you tools to finance your artist career


Career Plan.

Helps you set goals and targets

Helps find a schedule for your career

Knows when to take the next level



Gives you analytical song feedback

Helps you improve in the long term

Helps you find cowriting opportunities


Releasing Music.

Takes your music to digital stores globally

Helps you monetise your music

Helps you keep your music rights to yourself


Publishing Music.

Helps you get new commercial opportunities

Collects your music royalties

Helps you register your songs 


Making Money.

Helps you monetise your artist brand

Helps you find the right price for live show

Helps you maximise your artist income



Helps you develop your live show

How to rehearse effectively

Helps you prepare for booking agent meeting

Learn The Biz. Know Yourself.

It goes for any line of work: you need to understand the industry to be successful. The music career is no exception. We have extracted tens of years of work experience from the music business to a video coaching series for you. Self-knowledge is another valuable artist skill. With a set of proof tested digital tools, get to know exactly what kind of artist you are, why you must become an artist, and what is YOUR artist path.

They Call It A&R. We Call It Artist Career Development.

How many artists became who they are, alone? None. We all need support on our journey to success. Family in Music helps you with your steps on the way whether it be career counseling, song feedback, production plan, marketing plan or brand development. Look at the content of our subscription plans and pick the one that you need.

Get That S**t Online! 

Unpublished music doesn't have any fans except maybe your bestie and your mommy. We are a record label, and we distribute music. If you are a Family in Music Artist, we distribute your music too. Your music will be distributed to all relevant digital music stores and streaming platforms. But that is only a start if you are for real about being an artist.

A Nice Bonus.

We are a record label and a partner of major labels. If you've got what it takes to be a successful artist, you will be offered an artist deal with marketing, promotion, A&R routine, funding and music rights management.